Thursday 30 June 2011

Crazy court ruling on police bail, hard left extremists in charge at NUT, many Labour councils don't bother to collect all their council tax and we give Ed Milband some praise but only some

Bail danger

Theresa May, who we think has so far been impressive as Home Secretary, needs to act fast to override legal ruling on police bail

School bullies

National Union of Teachers secretary, Christine Blower, was backed by Socialist Workers Party and NUT president takes pride in being dinosaur trade unionist (see The Scargirls! Lefties lead strikes).

Tax dodgers

Eight of the ten worst offending authorities for collecting council tax are Labour-run.

Eds you win

Against all the odds, Ed Miliband may have made a good point about people in NHS obtaining redundancy money and then being rehired. But not about quangos in NHS.

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