Wednesday 3 August 2011

The Sun knows better than the Supreme Court.

Final injustice

Baby P denied justice by release of Justin Owen and Sharon Shoesmith becoming a millionaire.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Brown is misrepresenting how Sun behaved towards him

The Sun and Gordon Brown

The story about Frazer Brown's cystic fibrosis came from a parent of a child with cystic fibrosis making a call to raise awareness of the condition which was received by the newsdesk. Sarah Brown gave us consent to run the story and the Browns worked with us on the story through the Chancellor's office giving us quotes.

Sunday 10 July 2011

Most of the time the PCC works well, PC blinded by Raoul Moat deserves praise and relentless rise in energy bills is destroying family budgets

PCC can work

Cameron's too hasty in condemning the Press Complaints Commission as a failure.

Our heroes

Inspirational words at The Sun's 2011 Police Bravery Awards.

Beat the hikes

Shop around for your gas and electricity

Saturday 2 July 2011

Good jobs for all, Lib Dems are party of nobodies, we cheer tearing up of school trip health and safety regulations and Andy Murray good but not good enough

Back to work

We want low-tax, low-regulation economy encouraging entrepreneurs to start businesses here. We campaign hard to rescue our Lost Generation from unemployment but Britain also needs skilled migrants and must not shut them out.

Diabolical lib

Lib Dems humiliated in Inverclyde by election, so why does PM kowtow to Nick Clegg?

Elfy disregard

Ministers have cut a rule book for school trips from 150 pages to eight

Andy finally ...

At least we've seen a lighter, brighter Murray this time.

You are wasting your time Brothers, we need to know why delay in police bail emergency laws and we won't call Andy Murray 'Tim' if he wins

Wot a waste

After round 1 of the Summer of Hate, the unions are heavily behind on points.

Bail doubt

Emergency laws are being rushed through to stop criminals going free but we want an explanation if there's been a six week delay in Government acting, as Labour claim.

Beast of British
If Murray can beat biggest beast in tennis, Rafa Nadal, he is halfway to being champ.

Thursday 30 June 2011

Crazy court ruling on police bail, hard left extremists in charge at NUT, many Labour councils don't bother to collect all their council tax and we give Ed Milband some praise but only some

Bail danger

Theresa May, who we think has so far been impressive as Home Secretary, needs to act fast to override legal ruling on police bail

School bullies

National Union of Teachers secretary, Christine Blower, was backed by Socialist Workers Party and NUT president takes pride in being dinosaur trade unionist (see The Scargirls! Lefties lead strikes).

Tax dodgers

Eight of the ten worst offending authorities for collecting council tax are Labour-run.

Eds you win

Against all the odds, Ed Miliband may have made a good point about people in NHS obtaining redundancy money and then being rehired. But not about quangos in NHS.

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Teaching unions should stop whining about their pension deal, foreign criminals should be ill-treated at home and Britain could have ended up like Greece without Cameron's austerity measures

Don't fail kids

Sun again appeals to heads, decent teachers and parents: No surrender to the union dictators.

PM must Act

Ban on boot for foreign criminals. Stop creeping to the Liberal Democrats about Human Rights Act (which belongs to Labour) which prevents criminals being deported to Somalia because they face ill-treatment at home.

Greek ruins

Cameron's austerity has saved us from Gordon Brown's crazy borrowings.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Education won't improve until militants crushed and come on Tim

Fight militants

Crush militant hardcore of teachers. Changes are necessary to their generous pensions. We call on parents and the majority of moderate teachers to keep schools open on Thursday.

Great chants

Andy Murray's in the quarter finals at Wimbledon and despite what he says 'Come on Tim' is a great chant.

Sunday 26 June 2011

Milly Dowler case throws up questions for the law, Jon Venables shouldn't be released and David Cameron's doing better on Europe

Made to suffer

Murderers should be forced to give evidence and appear for sentence and have their life made hell until they die.

Never safe

We know the parole board doesn't have all the facts and that it would be dangerous to release Jon Venables.

Eur-eka, PM!

We want a referendum on Europe even though David Cameron has stood up to them on Britain contributing to Greece bailout and expelling bogus asylum seekers. He's also said to be furious about EU palace for officials.

Friday 24 June 2011

We could have stopped the killing of Milly Downer and we don't want free bank shares because Nick Clegg suggested it

Lethal errors

We don't want monsters free to kill and we've got the brain power to stop them. With the benefit of hindsight, it's obvious what should have been done in the case of Milly Downer. We're much more professional than the police, although we don't want to do the police down too much, so it must only be a minority that are no good.

Nick as a plank

We don't want to hear a word Nick Clegg says and even though there's a coalition government we're not backing the Liberal Democrats.

Tabloid influence

This blog is an offshoot of my personal blog following a posting about the influence of the tabloids on UK politics.

I have commented before about the Sun's headlines and how David Cameron keeps the wrong company.